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This is my lovely Teruko, she’s blind and a qt i love her

I did this a while ago but I didn’t have internet to pose it

jaegerception says: GUESS WHO LOVES YOU. Your Dusk brother.

NII-SAN ; V ; I love you too 

but stop stalking my art blog omfg i promise ill be active *hides*

Anonymous says: How's that rpg game coming along?

Very well actually. All the sketches have been finished and the basic storyline. I’ve already started making it on RPG MAKER 2003. 

Luhanana and Sehun Melon

Because I was in a skype call with a friend and soME HOW WE GOT ONTO THIS FROM LEARNING CHINESE SWEAR WORDS

I did some tree practice because those types of trees are fun SHHHHHHHHH 


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DIS NEW BABY CALLED STAR (i seem to have one like every week LOL)

Star is from another world ;3; In his world, they’re humaniods that draw power from their environment and adapt to the changing world around them. Star’s people encounter humans now and then when they slip from their world into the next. Humans are considered strange but highly desirable, being with them in any way makes you very high on the social ladder. Usually, people from the human world who go missing turn up in Star’s world and whoever they first connected with, adapted to their needs to be able to understand them. Star is the only one of his race that can fly, considered a throw back, he was often rejected by others. Star became very lonely and found that the more sad he was, the less his powers would work until he couldn’t use them at all. When Star met Sasha (a human!) He was so excited, he barely noticed he regained his powers. Star was born with four fingers but upon noticing Sasha had five, he grew the extra one, as well as adapting to  english and other things. 

I’m so super lazy, this has taken forever to finish and I still half assed it XDDDDD

From the rp with Paige where Takeo and the unrelated twins go to hot springs!

Did I mention I love screwing around with colours?