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This is my new bubu JUNPEI \o/!!! So I don’t forget, I’m just gunna throw info out there, don’t care if no one looks 8’D

Junpei’s full name is Junpei Hoero, he is 19, 5’6” and full Japanese. 

Junpei dropped out of school when he was 17 because his younger brother, Tsuneyo Hoero (13), passed away in a car crash. His mother, who was driving at the time, survived but tried to commit suicide and Tsuneyo’s birthday. Junpei and his father agreed to put her in a hospital that could keep her safe until she was no longer a danger to herself. 

Junpei lives in the apartment above his house, which his father lives in. He is hardly there because he is often out with friends. Junpei has a drinking problem, using it to escape the depression of losing his brother.

Junpei is quite down to earth; a happy-go-lucky kind of person when close to people but with everyone else, he is provocative and overly sexual. He wears short shorts, small shirts and is always sucking on a lollipop (normal and long kind ;D). He will always hint to doing things, including giving people very close lap dances, rubbing up against strangers and even grabbing things he shouldn’t but always gets away before sex. His brother believed that he would save himself until he found the one he knew he loved, so Junpei took it as his oath too. 

Junpei went to the same school as Pseudonym and A.K.A and fell in love with their music. 

The night before his brother’s 15th birthday, he goes to their concert. After it ends, he finds he’s stranded with no ride home. Still in skimpy clothes, he takes cover at a closed shop and meets Kuma.